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Family Dentistry

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy with Hammond Family Dentist – Advanced Dental Concepts

At Advanced Dental Concepts, it is our pleasure to serve you and your family throughout your lives. Our family dentistry practice begins seeing patients around the age of 1 and is standing by to help ensure a healthy, bright smile through childhood, teens years and adulthood.  By offering a variety of dental services, we are ready to give you an efficient dental care in Hammond.

Our dentists are great about making sure your family enjoys our dental care and that you also receive at-home dental hygiene instructions to maintain great health away from our practice.  Our team is designed to offer you and your loved ones all of your dental needs at one single location.

Dental Care for All – A Family Dentist that Will Keep Your Teeth in Check

Our dental group offers various dentistry treatments such as teeth whitening, bridges, teeth cleaning, dentures, veneers, and more for your family to keep everyone’s dental and oral health in check. We cater to families in the city and the surrounding area, so rest assured that we are always here to help you out.

Our family dentist is always ready to assist patients and their families through our dental care. We always prioritize the health of our patients, so we make it a point to ensure that everyone deserves our services.

  • Oral hygiene – Routine and deep cleanings are required not only to help maintain a bright, white smile, but also overall oral health. Our hygienists ensure your family enjoys topnotch care, but also receives instruction in at-home dental hygiene.
  • General dentistry – From routine checkups to root canals, our dental group provides the basic care families need to ensure good dental health.
  • Cosmetic dentistry – Perfecting a smile with veneers, whitening, and other techniques is easy if your practice of choice is our dental group. We offer a variety of cosmetic services designed to enhance your smile.
  • Children Dentistry – Specifically for kids dental care, children need to undergo routine checkups to ensure that their teeth are in great condition. Depending on a child’s age, there are certain procedures to maintain the health and strength of their teeth.
  • Other services – Our family dentistry practice also offers an array of related restorative dentistry services such as dentures and orthodontics.

Let Our Family Dentists Help Keep Your Teeth Healthy

It is recommended to have routine checkups for you and your family’s dental health to prevent future damage, potential infections, and oral disease. Dental infections such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and abscesses can spread beyond the teeth and gums, endangering one’s health and life.

Our dental facility in Hammond, Louisiana, along with a team of family dentists is here to assist patients with the right information in taking care of your oral health towards healthy and strong teeth. We also have treatment available to protect your teeth from harmful oral diseases.

Taking Care of Your Teeth Together

Here at Advanced Dental Concepts, we want every family in the city and the surrounding area to constantly keep their dental and oral health in check. Here are some ways to keep those smiles shining!

Make it your family’s routine

Good habits take root from consistent routines. Make it a regular routine for your children to floss and brush their teeth after every meal. Studies have shown that children ages 5 to 11 are already developing cavities.

It may be a difficult routine for your children to get into a habit of brushing every day and night, so make this habit fun by buying toothbrushes featuring their favorite cartoon characters or a tasty toothpaste in their favorite flavors. This will encourage your children to become consistent with in brushing their teeth.

Make an Appointment with Your Dentist

Setting an appointment with your dentist can seem like work, but you can make things easier by making one in advance.  We recommend visiting us for a checkup and cleaning every 6 months. Next time you schedule your kids’ timetable such as school or a soccer game include dentist check-ups on the list.

Healthy Diet for Your Teeth

You and your family’s food selection can create a huge impact on your oral and dental health. Some food that you have been eating can wreak havoc on your teeth’s strength, appearance, and function–so it’s essential to watch what you eat, especially with your children.

Sugary food and drinks can cause cavities and tooth decay, so make sure to brush your teeth after eating or drinking.  Limit sugar intake coming from artificial sweeteners, also.  Acidic food can also be harmful to your teeth. This wears down tooth enamel making them much more vulnerable to discoloration, sensitivity, and cavities.  In order to help reduce acidity in diet, accompany your food with nuts, oatmeal, mangoes or bananas that are known to have high pH levels.

Strengthen your family’s teeth by eating food rich in calcium such as yogurt and milk. Make sure to maintain a nutritious diet to keep not only your teeth healthy but your gums as well.

Talk to Us for an Ideal Treatment for Your Family

Time to find a family dentist near you?  We are here to serve you! Just give our office a call today to schedule an appointment! Maintain healthy teeth with your family with our dental health services. We can’t wait to see you!

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