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Using an intraoral camera, we can get an up-close and in-depth look at your oral health. This tiny, pen-sized camera has the ability to capture and store accurate digital images of your mouth and teeth so that we can better understand how to treat you effectively. In addition, you can view these images along with Dr. Neil Oza as he explains what treatments you may need. We are trying to provide quality dental technology in Hammond LA.

The images taken by the intraoral camera can also be shared with insurance agencies and other dentists and dental professionals as necessary. If you would like to learn more about intraoral imaging and its benefits and our other dental technology services like our viewable dental x-ray, please call Advanced Dental Concepts soon.

Intraoral Imaging Hammond LA Advanced Dental Concepts

Offering More Dental Care for You

Advanced Dental Concepts has been providing Louisiana patients for years with our array of dental and oral treatments including:

  • Teeth whitening: Boost your smile or get rid of those yellow stains with our teeth whitening procedures/: Give that smile a boost or remove those yellow stains.
  • Restorations: Reclaim the health of your teeth or improve its strength with our restoration procedures: Reclaim the health of your teeth and improve their functions with a number of restoration procedures Advanced Dental Concepts offers
  • Veneers: For misaligned or crooked teeth: Ideal or misaligned or crooked teeth
  • Cosmetic dentistry: Get a pleasing smile from our services including teeth bleaching and veneers. : A pleasing smile is just within reach with our teeth bleaching, veneers, and dentures
  • Emergency dental treatments: We are open to provide you with dental care even after hours. : Get our services even after hours. From cracked or damaged teeth to sudden wisdom teeth eruptions, we’re always on standby.
  • Wisdom teeth extractions: Don’t let another pain enjoy your favorite food and drink. Let our dentist take care of your erupted wisdom tooth and removed it for good.: Don’t suffer another pain. Let out dentists take care of you
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental technology
  • Hammond Air Abrasion and Aqua Abrasion: A non-surgical approach in cleaning teeth.

Intraoral Definition and Its Uses

Considered to be the most common X-ray method in the dentistry world, intraoral imaging derives from the image receptor inside the mouth. It’s also used to diagnose caries, teeth inflammation, endodontic file location, and among others.

The intraoral camera resembles that of a pen and allows the dentist to see enlarged or detailed images of teeth, gums, and cavities that cannot be seen by a naked eye. Such a method doesn’t cause any discomfort or pain to the patient. It captures images of tarnished fillings, bleeding gums, plaque, and other forms of teeth problems.

Types of Digital Intraoral Imaging for Teeth

There are two types of intraoral imaging method that work well for patients with various dental needs. Your local dentist might choose either of the two depending on your teeth’s current situation and health.

Bitewing X-Rays: The patient bites down on the film and shows details of the upper and lower teeth. Each bitewing showcases a tooth from its own crown or top to about the level of the supporting bone. They are used to detect decay between teeth, as well as changes in bone density caused by gum disease. Dentists use them to determine dental crowns and other forms of restorations.

Periapical or Limited X-Rays: Show the entire tooth from the crown down the root tips and supporting bone located either the upper or lower jaw. Unlike their bitewing counterpart, periapical x-rays are used to detect root and bone structure issues. The methods allow specialists to see bone loss around each tooth and treat certain dental conditions such as advanced gum disease, lesions, and periodontitis.

The Benefits of Intraoral Imaging

Contrast and spatial resolution: Digital X-rays, in general, can be enhanced, colorized or sharpened for maximum quality, allowing both dentist and patient see what’s going on inside the latter’s teeth. This particular method is more advanced since some areas of the teeth cannot be seen with visual examination alone. Such technology greatly assists dentists around the world.

Saves time: Digital intraoral imaging also saves time for both the part of the dentist and patient. The images can be transferred into a computer and even can be shown right next to the patient’s chair. It’s easier to pinpoint the problem areas and the two parties can benefit from it in the long run.

Eco-friendly: There’s less hazardous waste such as lead or silver salts for this device, so it will definitely make Mother Earth happy.

Early detection: An early detection of oral or dental disease can save a patient the pain of a procedure, as well as time and money. It also means a less invasive treatment.

Helps in Documenting Patient Records: Say goodbye to files that keep missing. With intraoral imaging, dentists are able to capture, print, and file their patients’ results with just a click. The records can be a future reference for them to save the trouble of examining the same teeth all over again.

Talk to our dentists to get started your own intraoral imaging session and start your journey towards healthy teeth. Your dental and oral health is in safe hands at Advanced Dental Concepts.

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1607 Martens Dr, Hammond, LA 70401

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Advanced Dental Concepts is located at Martens Dr, a five-minute drive away from Trafton Academy at Hammond.

Driving Directions

From Trafton Academy at Hammond: Head south on LA-1065 S/N Cherry St toward Charleton Dr. Turn right onto E University Ave. Turn left onto Martens Dr.

From Oak Knoll Country Club: Head south on Country Club Rd toward Cayman Dr. Turn right onto US-190 W and another right onto N Cherry St. Turn left onto E University Ave. Then turn left onto Martens Dr.

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Advanced Dental Concepts
Reviewed from Google

4.9 out of 5 stars

Maryanne Lay
Maryanne Lay

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Just brought my little girl here for a cleaning this morning - and she had a really good experience. This was her first time at this dental office because our previous dentist retired and moved out of state, but they did a great job of making her feel calm and relaxed, giving her a "familiar" vibe, despite being in a totally unfamiliar place.

Robin Lobell
Robin Lobell

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 day ago

Needed a quick lower partial adjustment. Slipped me in so I could enjoy my holiday & be able to eat. Always professional & prompt.

Justin McMullin
Justin McMullin

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

For the past few years I've been debating a tooth restoration treatment from my dentist here, and I finally took the plunge, and they look great! The reason I ended up going for it is, what's not to like? Their services are modestly priced, and the staff is loyal and friendly to their longtime customers (aka me!)

Margaret Boldt
Margaret Boldt

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

This place is wonderful! Everyone is friendly and concerned about patient comfort and well being. I strongly recommend Advanced Dental to anyone in the Hammond area.

Darnell Raines
Darnell Raines

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

My sister in law recommended me the dentists here because she has little kids - like me - who felt nervous about going to the dentist, and said they do a great job here of easing them into the work they do, so that they feel more comfortable and open. Glad I brought them here!