What Can I Eat and Do After Teeth Whitening?

When a person has stained or yellowed teeth, it can be embarrassing to smile. This can inhibit someone from moving forward with work and social situations, such as job interviews and parties. Teeth whitening is a fast, painless way to eliminate or lighten stains on the teeth. In just one or two treatments, the patient can appreciate a brighter, whiter smile. While the treatment is a simple process, it is important to know what you can eat and do after teeth whitening.

Fast and Easy at the Hammond Dental Office

Going to the dentist’s office is the smartest way to get optimum results. While there are at-home teeth whitening treatments, they often fall short of the person’s expectations. Plus, a dentist has access to top quality products and laser light for sparkling results. The process often takes only a half hour or hour to achieve notable changes.

And going to a dental office means after care will be explained to the patient. People who try to whiten their teeth at home often do the wrong things after the treatment. This can cause staining to teeth that are vulnerable after the whitening process.

Foods to Avoid 24 Hours After Teeth Whitening Treatments

There are certain foods to avoid for the 24 hours after getting teeth whitening treatments. Dark drinks that stain the teeth should be avoided, such as red wine, tea, and coffee as well as red or dark fruit juices. Fruit can also stain the teeth, other than bananas, which are alright to eat. Sauces should be avoided including tomato sauce, soy sauce, and red meats. Also avoid berries, such as raspberries and blueberries, that are known to stain teeth.

Behaviors to Avoid After Teeth Whitening Treatments

While it is important to watch what you eat for the 24 hours following a teeth whitening treatment, there are also behaviors to avoid. Smokers should not light up a cigarette or cigar within the 24 hours after a treatment as it will stain the teeth.

Often smokers get teeth whitening and smoke after the treatment then wonder why their teeth still look dingy. It is best to quit smoking altogether to have whiter teeth. Plus, do not use colored toothpaste for a day after teeth whitening. Stay away from toothpaste and mouthwash with a red or blue hue.

What Can I Eat and Do After Teeth Whitening?

Because teeth whitening is painless, people can resume work and other normal activities right after a treatment. There are also plenty of food options to choose from during the 24 hours following a whitening treatment. White sauces, plain fish and chicken, plain pasta with butter, white rice, and eggs whites are all alright to eat after treatment.

The idea is to try to eat foods that are white or clear to avoid staining your teeth. Beverages you can drink include milk and water. If you feel a need to imbibe, opt for white wine or clear alcohol mixed with water or tonic. Make an effort to avoid citrus beverages that can be wearing on your teeth after a whitening treatment.

Recent research has also revealed certain behaviors and foods can keep your teeth whiter for a longer period of time. Firm fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, apples, and green beans, can scrub the teeth while chewing and boost the flow of saliva to neutralize acids in your mouth.

Dairy products with calcium keep teeth stronger and whiter. Try to stay away from colorful berries and foods that stain your teeth. Smokers should quit because tobacco definitely causes staining. With proper care, you can enjoy a white smile long after your treatment is done.

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