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White Fillings Hammond LA advanced dental concepts
White fillings are an aesthetically-pleasing option for anyone who has minor decay, cracks, or fractures in their teeth. Also known as composite fillings, white fillings are matched to the color of your natural teeth so that you can enjoy a smile that’s both functional and beautiful. But, for quite some time the color of the teeth will change and some may want the option to have teeth whitening treatment in Hammond although this procedure will not change the color of the fillings; there is an option to replace the dental fillings to match the color of the teeth after the whitening procedure.

Why Teeth Fillings are Great Choices for Restoring Teeth

Some patients go after teeth fillings for the sake of aesthetic appeal, but they can actually do wonders to your teeth as well. Neglecting to take care of your teeth can cause a lot of problems such as tooth decay, plaque buildup, as well as cracking. At this rate the teeth are vulnerable and at times no way to be salvaged once the damage is done.

  • A dedicated team of dentists that offer safe & efficient dental fillings procedure
  • A welcoming staff to help patients be at ease the moment they step in the facility
  • White teeth fillings service that will improve your oral health & boost your physical aesthetic

Reasons to Get a Dental Filling

Getting rid of teeth discoloration: Teeth can be discolored for a variety of reasons including smoking, dental fluorosis, and even antibiotics.

Prevent further cavities: This is one of the primary reasons why dentists do fillings in the first place. However, not all cavities need fillings and are typically monitored by the dentist to check if they repair themselves. If not, then that’s when teeth fillings come into play.

Do You Need a Tooth Filling?

Your local dentist will check your teeth first if it needs filling. He or she will then do the following steps to determine if you have tooth decay or your teeth warrant such procedure.

Observation: Discolored teeth doesn’t always mean decays. The dentist will check your teeth using a metal instrument called an explorer. A healthy tooth enamel is hard and resists the probing or tapping of the explorer. This indicates that your tooth/teeth is/are not decayed.

Cavity detection: This is done by a dye that is rinsed over the tooth. It will stick to decayed areas and rinsed from healthy ones.

X-ray: This method doesn’t provide the entire image of the teeth in terms of cavity detection, but can show a development of decay on enamel on the sides of teeth where the dentin that lies under it.

The Aftermath

Some patients feel sensitivity after the procedure; the teeth may become sensitive to food, cold, pressure or air, but it also depends on the type of filling such as in the case of composite fillings that often cause sensitivity.

The next one is a galvanic shock. This is a type of discomfort caused by two metals touching each other and producing an electric current in the mouth. This lasts around one to two weeks and try to avoid anything that causes it. Contact your dentist if the sensitivity doesn’t decrease after two weeks.

It’s essential to be detailed and precise as possible when talking to your dentist about the issues after the filling treatment so he or she can devise another way or solution to lessen your discomfort. There’s also the need to change the filling material to reduce sensitivity seeing people respond to different types of fillings.

Get Your Dental Fillings at Advanced Dental Concepts

Advanced Dental Concepts offers this kind of dental procedure. We will place your custom white filling in just one appointment. During your appointment, he will remove the tooth decay, clean the tooth, and then fill the tooth with a composite resin material. To learn more about white fillings or if you have any questions regarding cosmetic dentistry in Hammond LA our dentists will answer all your queries. You can call us today at 985-240-5445.

Driving directions — conveniently located

Address: 1607 Martens Dr. Hammond, LA 70401

Monday & Wednesday – 8am-5pm
Tuesday & Thursday – 7am-3pm

Phone number: 985-240-5445

Advanced Dental Concepts is located on Martens Drive in Hammond. It is 6 minutes away from Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center and also 6 minutes away from Cate Square Park.

Directions from Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center to Advanced Dental Concepts — Head north on N Cypress St toward E Charles St, turn tight at the 2nd cross street onto E Robert St. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto N Cherry St and then turn left onto E University Ave. Turn left onto E University Ave and the destination will be on your right.

Directions from Cate Square Park — Head south on N Oak St toward W Charles St. Turn right at the 2nd cross street onto W Thomas St, turn right onto N Linden St and then turn left onto Blackburn Rd. Turn right onto Pecan St and turn left onto Western Ave. Turn right onto Martens Drive.

About Hammond, LA

Hammond has over 20,000 residents. The city offers a wide selection of fine restaurants and shopping centers. They also have plenty of green spaces with a number of parks that families can enjoy.

The home of Southeastern Louisiana University, which is the fastest growing university in the nation, Hammond continues to be a charming area in Louisiana.

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Advanced Dental Concept Google Reviews

Advanced Dental Concepts
Reviewed from Google

4.9 out of 5 stars

Justin McMullin
Justin McMullin

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

For the past few years I've been debating a tooth restoration treatment from my dentist here, and I finally took the plunge, and they look great! The reason I ended up going for it is, what's not to like? Their services are modestly priced, and the staff is loyal and friendly to their longtime customers (aka me!)

Gracie Franklin
Gracie Franklin

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I was looking for a dentist near me and my sister recommended Advanced Dental Concept! My whole experience was good. I was treated nicely the moment I walked in. The place was welcoming and the staff was friendly. I had my check up there and will come back for my teeth whitening treatment!

Lauren Catalanatto
Lauren Catalanatto

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

Hands down the best dental office I have ever been too. I am a huge scaredy cat when it comes to having anything done to my teeth and everyone at Advanced Dental Concepts have gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. 10/10!

Jacqueline Wicker
Jacqueline Wicker

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

The best dental visit I've ever had for me and my kids. So loved that I found this office through reviews. The reviews were right. Love the visit. Office super clean, smells great in there. They took care of my teeth. First time ever being satisfied after a cleaning. My teeth feel great. I notice a difference. More than pleased.

Henry Cotten
Henry Cotten

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

I regularly get my teeth whitening treatment from here. If I had before & after pics on my computer I'd post them to show the huge difference between before I started treatments 6 months ago, and now. All I can say is, my smile has never looked more glamorous