Why Does It Feel Good to Smile?

When someone smiles, it makes people around them feel better. But did you realize that smiling will also boost the mood of the person who smiles? Find out more about the benefits of smiling and why it feels so good.

Come On, Get Happy

Research reveals smiling creates a mind-body connection. It has an impact on the left frontal cortex, which is the part of your brain that registers the feeling of happiness. Your body releases feel-good endorphins to boost your mood. Even if you don’t feel happy, smiling can help you feel better. This means it might be smart to smile when you feel upset. It will help to improve your mood.

Catching a Smile

While it might sound like a cliché from t-shirts worn years ago, smiling really is contagious. When you smile, many people will instantly have the urge to smile back. Smiling can activate the smile muscles in another person’s face and they might not even realize it. As a result, you made someone else feel happy by simply sharing a smile.

Take the Next Step and Laugh

Smiling can make you take it one step further into a state of laughter. Did you ever smile at a friend, get a smile back, then burst into laughter? This actually happens more often than people might think. And laughter is also good for the body. It minimize stress, helps blood flow, burns calories, and can boost your immune system. A deep belly laugh works out your abdominal muscles.

Banish Stress

From long commutes to demanding bosses, there are many reasons people face stress during a normal day. These ongoing feelings of stress can lead to anxiety. How can you stop stress in its tracks? Next time you feel anxious, just take a deep breath and smile. Your blood pressure will go down, your breathing will get slower, and suddenly you will feel better. Smiling is an effective way to deal with stress.

Look Your Best

Another old saying is put on a smile to look your best. People knew what they were talking about. People are perceived to look more attractive when they are smiling. Plus, smiling can make you look better to people of the opposite sex. This means you should put on a smile before you ask someone out on the date. The answer might be a pleasant surprise.

Achieve Your Goals

The advantages of smiling go beyond getting a big date. When you get your suit ready for a job interview, also practice your smiling. It takes more than a designer suit to land a great job. Studies show people who smile are considered more stable and confident. The interviewer will like you better when you wear a suit and a smile. Smiling can help you land a great job and achieve your goals.

Frowning is a Downer

Nobody wants to feel down, but that’s what happens when you frown. Plus, ongoing frowning can create lines that make you look unhappy all the time as you get older. Smiling is a way to feel good, even when the world around you is hectic and imperfect. It’s time to turn that frown upside down and start smiling more often.

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