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    Advanced Dental Concepts is a full-service, family-oriented dental practice. With a dedication to our patients’ oral health and smile,

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    Choosing a dentist can be a big decision, and here at Advanced Dental Concepts in Hammond, LA, we appreciate your trust in us!

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Hammond General Dentist – Keeping Your Smile Bright and Healthy

At Advanced Dental Concepts, we’re dedicated to keeping your smile bright, happy, and healthy. Let our team of dentists brighten up your smile with quality cleanings, essential check-ins on your gum health, and recommended treatments to keep your smile bright. Whether we’ve seen you before or you’re brand-new, you’re welcome at our dental office. We’ll give your smile the personalized care it needs and keep your teeth and gums strong.

  • Our trusted family dentist can help you care for your oral health using recommended treatments.
  • We provide quality care through our dentists in the city.
  • Our reliable Hammond cosmetic dentistry offers teeth restorations, braces, and other services that can brighten your smile.
  • Our dentists are proud to have served Louisiana residents for many years; you can rely on our team to take care of you.

Quality Dental Treatments from Dentists you can Trust

Our dental treatments can keep your mouth (and lifestyle) healthy. Teeth and gums are important gatekeepers to everyday health. Your teeth ensure you can eat healthy foods of all kinds – like hot soup, or crisp apples – without pain or difficulty; strong teeth are essential to good nutrition. Additionally, teeth keep germs and disease from entering your gums and give your jaw structure and strength. Teeth even help you speak clearly! Our dental care uses efficient methods to keep your teeth in good condition. We’ve been caring for our patients’ oral health for over 12 years and would love to help you protect and restore your teeth.

Improve your Overall Health and Well Being

In addition to caring for your teeth, our dentists will your gums to help them stay healthy. Healthy gums are essential: they can lower your risk of many other health conditions, such as heart attack, diabetes, and preterm labor. When bacteria or sugars are trapped between your teeth and gums, they can wreak havoc on your oral health. Your teeth and gums help keep you healthy, and should receive treatment to help you live a healthy life. Give our office a call to learn more about the different treatment we offer with such as care for gum disease, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency dental care.

Checkups and Prevention

To keep your teeth and gums healthy, and prevent issues before they become significant, it’s important to visit the dentist for a thorough check-up every six months. When you come to our practice, our dental team will examine your teeth and gums closely to ensure they stay healthy and potential problems are caught early. We’ll check for early signs of gum disease and tooth decay, take x-rays if necessary to check root health, and discuss what we find with you.

In-between appointments, our dentists recommend you brush and floss regularly, to keep your mouth clean from bacteria and sugars that could cause tooth loss. Plaque (a thin layer of buildup left on your teeth after you eat, that hardens over time) is the number one cause of tooth loss among adults. However, plaque’s dangers can be avoided simply by brushing at least twice every day with a fluoride toothpaste and flossing at least once every day. When you visit our office, our dentists can answer any questions you may have about daily oral hygiene habits. We can even help you improve your brushing technique to reach hard-to-clean spots, or recommend products to help with conditions such as dry mouth or canker sores.

Services and Restorations

Among our many services with our dentists are quality teeth restorations. Our restorative services can help repair the normal wear-and-tear they sustain. Restoring teeth is an essential process – small restorations can help stop tooth decay, while larger and more urgent restorations prevent the jawbone from eroding and help your smile keep its natural shape. To take care of your smile, you need a dental service that can restore your teeth so they can continue to work to keep you healthy. Our dental treatments and services can restore your smile and keep you living life fully.

Personalized Care and Attention

Your oral health requires personalized care and attention. Our dentists can talk with you to pinpoint unique pain points, and develop a plan to keep your teeth healthy for years to come. If your teeth or gums have any areas that are especially vulnerable to disease or decay, we can help you identify them and care for them properly. If your oral health changes, you can talk with us to investigate the cause and find a solution. We’ll listen to your unique concerns, help you understand your treatment options, and provide you with the efficient, and high-quality care you need to keep your mouth and teeth happy.

Family Friendly Dentists and Quality Care

Our trusted dentist in the city has been serving Louisiana residents for years with dental treatments. Our team takes pride in providing reliable care for our patients. We offer free consultations and special offers for new patients – so whether you need x-rays, implants, or simply a routine cleaning and check-in, stop by our office. We’re looking forward to helping you thrive – with healthy gums and a genuine smile. Call us at 985-240-5445 or visit our dental office to learn more about our dental services.

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Advanced Dental Concepts
Reviewed from Google

4.9 out of 5 stars

Maryanne Lay
Maryanne Lay

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Just brought my little girl here for a cleaning this morning - and she had a really good experience. This was her first time at this dental office because our previous dentist retired and moved out of state, but they did a great job of making her feel calm and relaxed, giving her a "familiar" vibe, despite being in a totally unfamiliar place.

Robin Lobell
Robin Lobell

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 weeks ago

Needed a quick lower partial adjustment. Slipped me in so I could enjoy my holiday & be able to eat. Always professional & prompt.

Justin McMullin
Justin McMullin

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

For the past few years I've been debating a tooth restoration treatment from my dentist here, and I finally took the plunge, and they look great! The reason I ended up going for it is, what's not to like? Their services are modestly priced, and the staff is loyal and friendly to their longtime customers (aka me!)

James Anderson
James Anderson

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

Staff is amazing. This place does it all. Normal dentistry of course plus cosmetic dentistry and even Botox. Tee and Alexa are awesome!!!!

Margaret Boldt
Margaret Boldt

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

This place is wonderful! Everyone is friendly and concerned about patient comfort and well being. I strongly recommend Advanced Dental to anyone in the Hammond area.