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Hammond Teeth Whitening - Advanced Dental Concepts

Teeth Whitening Service in Hammond

At Advanced Dental Concepts, it is our greatest joy to watch a patient smile with confidence. That is why we are so pleased to offer teeth whitening services that allow us to tailor treatment to meet specific patient needs.

Doctors Neil and Luong are proud to offer treatments to those who are looking to whiten their teeth or give their teeth their natural look through our recommended dental veneers in Hammond Louisiana.

Our custom whitening trays are created using impressions of your mouth for a comfortable fit.  Our whitening system can remove stains or discolorations caused by:

  • Tobacco
  • Wine, berries, coffee, tea, soda, or other dark drinks and food that cause discolorations
  • Medication
  • Excess fluoride ingestion
  • Trauma
  • The natural aging process

How Does Dental Teeth Whitening Work?

Each of our teeth is made of dentin and enamel layers that serve as shields from harmful elements such as discolorations and stains. Foreign chemicals from drinks, food, and cigarettes cause a buildup in the enamel called the pellicle film. Your dentist can remove this film by resorting to a chemical process or scraping; even brushing the teeth can work wonders and keep pellicle film away. However, if the film sits on the enamel for a very long time, it will be harder to get rid of it. It’s harmless, but can be unattractive. This is where teeth whitening products and procedures do their job.

Types of Teeth Whitening

Tray Bleaching: Considered to be the most affordable dental whitening treatment, the patient wears a clear tray with bleach in it for an hour every day for a week.  The teeth become whiter over the course of a week.  You can continue to get them whiter by using the bleaching trays weekly.

Office Whitening: This procedure is done at the office.  A barrier is placed around the gums and the bleach is placed by our dental professional.  The bleach is allowed to take effect for about half an hour, the bleach is rinsed off, and another treatment is applied.  Then the bleach is rinsed off again and you leave with whiter teeth!

Advanced Dental Concepts Teeth Whitening Service- Bring Back the Confidence to Smile

Our Louisiana dental office is standing by to help you gain a brighter, whiter smile. Our dentists are pleased to offer this service along with a host of others, all meant to keep a bright and healthy smile. And, if you want to know more important information about cosmetic dentistry treatments in Hammond our dentists will be happy to answer it.

Alternatives To Teeth Whitening Treatment For Your Kids

Stain prevention is the best way to keep your child’s teeth white. You can prevent this through the following:

Avoid certain food & drinks – food and drinks such as colas, candies, and other sweet treats can quick stain your child’s teeth if frequently consumed. Regulate your child’s consumption of these treats and make sure that they brush their teeth every after snack or meal.

Use whitening toothpaste – brushing the teeth at least twice a day can aid in preventing staining. Make sure that you consult your dentist first on the best toothpaste that your children can use.

Visit your dentist regularly – thorough teeth cleaning is recommended for kids every six months.

We’re happy to explain our procedure and are standing by to schedule your appointment!

Business Information

Address: 1607 Martens Dr, Hammond, LA 70401
Phone: 985-240-5445

Business Hours:
Monday 8AM – 5PM
Tuesday 7AM – 3PM
Wednesday 8AM – 5PM
Thursday 7AM – 3PM

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